Weight Management


Patients spend more than $60 billion each year on weight loss products, a number that may not be surprising considering almost 70 percent of adults living in the United States are overweight or obese. Many Americans have turned to weight loss programs, branded diets and supplements to help them shed unwanted weight.

Obesity is a chronic condition characterized by an excess of body fat. It is most often defined by the body mass index (BMI), a mathematical formula that is highly correlated with body fat.

Obesity is the result of long-term mismatches in energy balance, in which daily energy intake exceeds daily energy expenditure. Energy balance is modulated by many factors, including metabolic rate, appetite, diet, and physical activity. Although these factors are influenced by genetic traits, the increase in obesity prevalence in the past few decades cannot be explained by changes in the human gene pool, and it is more often attributed to environmental changes that promote excessive food intake and discourage physical activity. Less commonly, obesity may be induced by drugs (e.g., high-dose glucocorticoids, antipsychotics, antidepressants, oral hypoglycemics, antiepileptics) or be secondary to various neuroendocrine disorders, such as Cushing syndrome and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Obesity is a risk factor for several chronic diseases, including hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, and some cancers.

Fat Fighters

Fat FightersResearch has shown that the slightest hormonal upheaval can wreak havoc on your weight — and your health. Even the simplest things like eating carbs for breakfast or eating at the wrong time of day can set off a chain reaction in your body. Hormones flood your system. You start craving like crazy. Bloating, gas, and heartburn set in. Belly fat explodes and your metabolism slows to a crawl.

These fat fighters hold the key to losing weight and building a strong, healthy body!

  1. GROWTH & REJUVENATION HORMONES - Ignite Fat Loss + Rejuvenate & Repair + Build a Strong, Health Metabolism
  2. THYROID HORMONES - Keep Metabolism & Fat Burn Fired Up + Help Boost Mood & Memory
  3. ADIPONECTIN - Burns Fat + Increases Insulin Sensitivity
  4. ADRENALINE - Accelerates Fat Loss + Delivers Energy Boost
  5. GLUCAGON - Regulates Blood Sugar + Delivers Energy for Exercise
  6. The ANDROGENICHORMONE - Blast Fat + Promote Antiaging + Build Strength & Strong Bones + Boost Libido

Our Approach

Obesity, associated with morbidity and mortality, is a complex disorder, characterised by an increase in fat mass (FM). Our approach is a medically guided weight loss program with an integrated treatment made up of nutritional intervention, physical reconditioning, and cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy. It includes:

Initial Consult / Evaluation

Meet with a professional physician to discuss your unique needs.

($150 value)

Initial Lab Screenings

  • Complete blood count including hemoglobin
  • Metabolic panel including kidney and liver function
  • Fasting lipid panel including good and bad cholesterol
  • Thyroid function
  • Vitamin B12 level
  • Vitamin D level
  • Testosterone level as indicated

($250 value)

Physical Training

Physical training by a professional trainer three times per week.

($120 value)

Certified Health Coach

Weekly health education by a Certified Health Coach.

($200 monthly value)

Scheduled Injections

Vitamin D, B12, B6, Testosterone, metabolic stimulants, multivitamin complex, and HCG injections as indicated.

($200 value)

Weight Loss Guaranteed


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